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12 Best Food Spots In Bukit Jalil – MUST TRY!

Bukit Jalil is known as one of the most opulent, high-rolling suburbs in the entirety of...
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Want to Terminate Your Tenancy Agreement Early?

Any good tenancy agreement should include clauses around terminating a tenancy agreement...
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7 Tips for Tenants Before Moving In

When you’re checking out a potential new residence, you always have a million questions...
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If Tenants Don’t Pay Rent, What can Malaysian Landlords Do?

Barge into the tenant unit, changing all the locks, cutting off the supply of utilities,...
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If Your Tenant Does Not Pay The Rent, Can the Landlord Barge Into Their Rented Unit?

If your tenant didn't pay rent, the landlord isn't allowed to barge into the rental unit or...
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HOC (Home Ownership Campaign) 2020 to 2021

The Home Ownership Campaign (HOC), which ran throughout 2019, was designed to encourage the...
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2021 Is It A Good Time to Invest In Properties?

We’re now facing some of the most uncertain times in the history of Malaysia. Yes, we’re...
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Blacklisted Developers In Malaysia

Before committing to such a big-ticket purchase, check if the developer has faced any problems...
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Real Property Gains Tax (RPGT) Exemptions in Malaysia (2021)

RPGT Rates Classification RPGT Exemptions Good news! There are some exemptions allowed for...
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4 Factors which Influence A Home’s Value

Whether you are selling or buying an investment property or home, you need to consider what...
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MOT and Stamp Duty in Malaysia

There are important costs in the home purchasing process that you need to factor in,...
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