Small Studio Apartment Design Ideas (Part 1)

Do you want to design your small studio apartment? This article aims to inspire and encourage the owners of such places to use their imagination and creativity and to search for unconventional solutions.

Source from: InteriorZine.com

1. Saving Space with a Suspended Bedroom

1. Saving Space with a

    Suspended Bedroom

This dynamic composition for modern small home iand offers charming focal accent of a suspended bed above active working area ( with trendy furniture pieces). A memorable solution for restrained space options. Further on a large dining room table – to gather all your friends – and the decorative accent of the urban-art staircase leading through the bedroom platform to a romantic skylight opening towards the roof give the mini apartment unique atmosphere.

2. Sliding staircase

2. Sliding staircase

Saving Space with a Suspended Bedroom

Averagely the sleeping area is used only ones a day, so it is quite a clever solution the staircase that leads towards the bed niche to be movable and if necessary to free the space for the daily activates. The room with a flexible design made inviting and warm through the usage of wood. The classic combination of smooth white surfaces and base, with black framing and wooden accents, is always fresh. A playful design touch is the Olympic rings installation for working out.

3. Elevate the bed and give yourself more space underneath

3. Elevate the bed and

    give yourself more

    space underneath

This design idea offers a youthful, dynamic and contemporary solution for the space problems. The custom build unit includes the elevated bed platform with simple lines and luminous characteristic, the very cozy working area underneath, completed with a massive whiteboard, roomy desk, and stand-up computer station and of course, the cleverly hidden compartments of the storage units and extra guest bed.

4. Creating a special unit for sleeping

4. Creating a special

     unit for sleeping

One of the first things that come to mind when confronted with limited living space is where to put all my stuff? An elevated bed that gives the necessary space beneath the stairs to create cabinets and provide storage. The sliding panels that offer privacy to the bed space and the full-height closet on the side complete the picture of this modern and smart design. Decided in trendy dark colors the elegant and functional unit can be a “must have” option for any small space dweller.

5. Color distinction

5. Color distinction

Painting this mezzanine premise with stylish and characteristic wall accents that visually separates the premises creates the feeling that the bed area is a whole separate world. The design composition of this tiny apartment with a duality of space concept: the deep rich green walls that accentuate the ceiling half of the space and separate the bedroom with its lush plant selection from the rest of the interior design with its vintage hints – it is a unique and artistic approach. This composition of dualism has an almost mystical visual impact with its rich accents and details.

6. Put your bedroom into a movable cube

6. Put your bedroom

    into a movable cube

Put your bedroom into a movable cube – fun on wells

Resolving the problems with privacy, space, and static border – this colorful bed box project is offering a moveable, cozy and fun solution for small apartments with contemporary design. And as the designers ask; “Instead of buying a sleeper couch and feeling like a guest in your own home, why not create a private retreat within a given space?”. Besides. The fact that the bed cube is on wells means that it can be moved around according to your mood or social situation.

Source from: InteriorZine.com

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