4 Factors that Affect Property Value

Real Property Gains Tax (RPGT) Exemptions in Malaysia (2021)

RPGT Rates Classification RPGT Exemptions Good news! There are some exemptions allowed for RPGT. Among the exemptions are: Exemption on gains from the disposal of one private residential property once-in-a-lifetime to an individual (please utilise this once in lifetime opportunity wisely). Exemption on gains arising from the disposal of real property between family members (e.g. husband and...

4 Factors which Influence A Home’s Value

Whether you are selling or buying an investment property or home, you need to consider what the property is really worth. A better understanding of what makes your property more (or less) valuable would help you maintain the long term value of your home or assist in your purchasing/investment decision.So what are the factors that affect property value? 1. Location It is...

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