Medical Center In Damansara Heights

9 Attractions nearby Damansara Heights (within 10km)

Damansara Heights was named in a list of Top 10 of the World’s Coolest Neighbourhoods and one of the richest addresses in Malaysia. If you are living in Damansara Heights, you have a great chance to plan a day trip with your family and friends to visit nearby attractions in weekend. All listed attractions is just 10km away from Damansara Heights.1. National Science Centre - 2.8kmThe National Science...

Medical Center In Damansara Heights (within 10km)

To Be Healthy. Living near a hospital can literally save lives due to proximity. If you recognize an emergency quickly, being a short distance from the hospital can make all the difference. You have the advantage of being able to arrive in the emergency room in just a few short minutes after having a Paramedic at your door. We have listed some medical center in Damansara Heights in below.1. Pandai...

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