马来西亚目前还没有制定住宅租赁法令,来专门规范和处理国内租房的事宜,因此,如果租客或房东想要提早解除租约的话,只能用某些租房合同的条款以及一些现有的法令作为依据。这些条款和法令的具体内容是什么呢?往下看就知道了! Click Here for English Version 1)...

Want to Terminate Your Tenancy Agreement Early?

Any good tenancy agreement should include clauses around terminating a tenancy agreement early. Normally this comes with specific conditions that should be met, or penalties for early termination.Here are some common terms and conditions to look out for: 点击这里查看 : 中文版本 1) Notice PeriodA good tenancy agreement should define a notice period to end the tenancy,...

7 Tips for Tenants Before Moving In

When you’re checking out a potential new residence, you always have a million questions running through your head, and sometimes it’s easy to forget a few important ones. Here are seven safety questions to ask your landlord before you move in: 1) Are all the appliances working properly? Before a tenant moves in, you must make sure all utilities are working. You should check out all the burners, the...

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